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How to apply

The application period for the 2017 – 2019 program is closed.

A Word document of the application can be downloaded here for your use in preparing your application. (e.g. You can use it to work on long answer and essay questions and then cut and paste to the online application.)  BUT you must submit your application online using the above link. Keep in mind that this is a competitive selection process, so do your best!  We will receive many more applications than we are able to accept.

After you submit your application send us an email at to confirm your application. (This is the first time we have used an online submission process so we want to make sure we do not miss any applications.)  You will also receive a confirmation email in a few days.  If you do not receive a confirmation email contact us at by the (new) May 22 deadline.


Eligible participants are farmers, part-time or full-time, (including aquaculture and horticultural producers and agri-tourism), employees and/or owners of agri-businesses, employees of agricultural organizations (e.g. farm or commodity organizations), and employees of governmental organizations that have as their primary mission agriculture (e.g. USDA, NCDACS, N.C. Cooperative Extension). Government employees must have agriculture as part of their official responsibilities in order to be eligible.


Program tuition is $1,600 due by January 15, 2018. Most of the program expense is funded by an endowment from the NC Tobacco Trust Fund Commission and donations from donors committed to fostering great leadership in NC agriculture. Financial aid is available for a limited number of applicants. See if you qualify at the Financial Aid page on this site.


Three (3) references are needed for the program. These references should be from people who are familiar with your leadership potential. You or your references can download the reference form. References should be returned to the program address listed on the form, scanned and emailed to OR use the online form that can be submitted at NCTTFC Ag Leadership Reference Form  (You can send your references this link and have them submit it online.)  Please ask your references to submit their response by May 29, 2017. It is your responsibility to followup with references to make sure reference forms are submitted by May 29, 2017.

Signature Page

There is also a signature page that must be signed by you (and your supervisor, if applicable) and your N.C. Cooperative Extension County Director. Download the signature page here, get the appropriate signatures, then scan and email (or mail) the signed form to

Learn about the Program

We highly recommend that you discuss the program with someone who is an alumni of the program. Alumni are listed on this website (Past Participants). Read the information on this website.

It is critical that you understand the time commitment (approximately 50 days) required if you participate. Look carefully at the schedule for the upcoming program on this website. You may also contact one of us if you have questions about the program. You can use the program email,, or refer to the program faculty whose email addresses are given on this website on the Leadership Team page.

Talk With Your Support Group

You should discuss your potential participation in the program with your family, business partners and/or employer. Their support is important given the approximate 50 days of time you must commit to the program over the two years. We will be asking for an indication of their support if you are selected for an interview.

Application Review Process

Applications are reviewed by a review board made up of NCSU faculty, program alumni, and a reviewer from outside North Carolina. Based on the recommendations of the review board applicants will be selected for interviews. In person interviews are used for final selection of those to be invited to the participate in the program. Selections for interviews will be made by July 1st. If selected our program faculty will come to your farm, business, or home to conduct the interview. Interviews will take place in July and August. Invitations to participate in the 2017-2019 program will be sent to approximately 25 selected applicants by September 1, 2017.

Check List for Application:
1. Learn about the program; talk with program alumni, read the information on this site, look at the program schedule, and ask questions.
2. Review your interest and commitment for the program. Talk with your family, business partners and/or employer to make sure you have their support.
3. Submit your application online: NCSU Ag Leadership Application 2017 by the May 22 deadline. Send us an email at to confirm your submission.

4. Secure 3 references, provide them with the reference form or the link for online submission: NCTTFC Ag Leadership Reference Form
5. Return the signature page with your signature, your Supervisor’s signature (if applicable) and the signature of your County Extension Director.
6. Make sure you receive a confirmation email that your application has been received (this may take a few days), if not contact us at by the May 22 deadline.

Thanks for your interest! Contact us at with questions.