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Second Year Criteria

Continuation by participants to Year 2 is conditional on successful completion of Year 1. It is imperative that all program participants fully and timely meet the expectations of the program. It is important that you attend all 3-day sessions as well as the study tours as each session builds on the last. However, we do understand that emergencies arise and the criteria listed below will be used throughout the program. Failure to meet the below expectations will be reasons for determining if a participant is permitted to continue in Year 1 as well as continue in the second year of the 2020-2022 program.

  1. Follow the “Code of Conduct” signed by each participant.
  2. Attend all sessions/days of a scheduled session. Missing one entire session and/or study tour or one day from each of two sessions/study tours will result in participant being asked to re-evaluate commitment to the program. Additional absences will result in participant being asked to resign from the program.
  1. Complete a mission statement by the stated deadline.
  2. Complete and return all assignments/instruments by the stated deadline.
  3. Complete practicum by assigned deadline. Be an active participant in group assignments/activities. Your level of participation in group assignments/activities/practicum as evaluated by your group peers will be considered by the program staff.
  4. Pay the $1,600 fee by January 11, 2021. An invoice will be provided during the second session in November 2020.
  5. Obtain passport, if you don’t already have one, by the end of Year 1 of the program. Apply for any needed visa by the stated deadline.
  6. Respond to requests for information such as Full Name on Driver’s License and Passport, Driver’s License number, Passport Number etc. by the stated deadline.

Program leaders will:

  1. Provide a list at Session I in Years 1 and 2 of deadlines to expect during the year. Only one email reminder will be sent to participants to remind of an impending deadline.
  2. Program staff will be available to assist ad hoc and assigned groups to facilitate the completion of assignments/tasks/work products.
  3. Program staff will work with individuals and/or groups to insure as needs occur.
  4. Program staff reserve the right to consider exceptional circumstances in consideration of a participant continuing in the program.